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Feeling bored, uninspired? Know where you are, isn't where you're meant to be? Know that you have more you want to and can contribute, but feeling stuck on how to tap into what you truly love?

It's my favourite thing to help people discover what truly lights them up.


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You don't know what to do, but you know you need to do something.

This trio coaching package is the perfect place to start.

Together we'll unpack what it is that excites you and lights you up.

Don't worry, you don't need to have an idea, a path, or a plan. We'll discover that together. We'll come up with an action plan that makes sense for you and allows you the space, creativity and freedom to explore whatever it is that is calling you.

I can't wait to see where this first step of contacting me, takes you!


Our first session will lay the ground work. I want to know who you are, what makes you tick. I'll ask questions that will help you unlock pieces of yourself that may be hidden, and give you some self reflection tools to implement for our 2nd session.


We dig deeper in our second session and explore options, possibilities and come up with a plan you can move forward on.



Our third session will be an opportunity to fine-tune and focus in on what really matters to you, and what's going to keep your momentum going. 

Life is too short & precious to spend it not doing what lights you up.

Three sessions. Just three hours of your life. But this could be the domino that's going to push it all into motion.

I'm game. Sign me up >>

About Marisa

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My story, condensed.

I used to work a good office job, with a great team & boss. I had lots of flexibility, vacation time & a solid pension. I'd worked up to that position for a decade. And once I got there I realized it wasn't what I wanted. While it wasn't horrible by any stretch of the just wasn't 'it' know?!

I took my side hustle (my personal training biz), turned it to my main thing and have loved a life that's more engaging, challenging, and rewarding then I ever felt sitting behind a computer and working for someone else. 

I'm now a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) and looooove chatting passion exploration & development with clients who feel that pull towards something more meaningful.

My background as a personal trainer, health, nutrition & lifestyle coach, along with my CLC designation puts me in an unique position to work with you and approach change with a different perspective. 

I've spent over 13 years working with clients on motivation, creating momentum & lasting change, and figuring out a way around or through barriers, so the change lasts AND is enjoyable. 

I have developed and use my unique Energy Engagement Loop Framework to look at the bigger picture and pull together various elements of your life, that bring clients more engagement, satisfaction, and 'holy crap I love life energy'!  

We'll work together to review the 5 pillars of health and see what barriers are holding you back, what habits you can adopt to move past them, and what small changes will have the biggest impact on you and your life.

Some clients are looking for a hobby to pour their soul into, others want to start a side gig but get caught up in the details of how to start. Some clients want to change careers but aren't sure what path to go down. Others have a business of their own already and need to lean into a pivot or shift to allow them to find that joy and passion again.

Whatever it is that lights you up, life is too short to not explore and chase after it.

Let's work together to get you closer to your dream....even if you don't know what it is yet.

Past clients

Marisa's coaching style is a great combination of pragmatic, encouraging and firm.  I always left our sessions with a better sense of purpose and with next steps that I knew I could take to improve my situation.


Marisa has the skills and the passion to help those that are willing to do the work and change for the better. During my coaching sessions with Marisa, she not only kept me accountable, but also capable! I always feel like I have her in my corner during our sessions, her support has been very important and appreciated.

-Dobrinka Dimintrova

Marisa has been great to work with. She was able to perfectly blend technical knowledge with motivation to help achieve the results I desired.

-Samuel S.

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Let's do it. 

You have nothing to lose....and everything to gain.


Passion Path Trio Coaching Package

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