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"She is organized, dependable, thoughtful, patient and clearly very skilled in her craft. I appreciate that she is able to design a program that is suitable for my abilities, challenging me but never pushing me beyond what I can safely do."


"Working with Marisa has been like a slow but steady revolution. I needed to learn how to heal my relationship with food & meal prep, and I wanted to get healthier. And using her resourcefulness, versatility, and excellent coaching skills Marisa was able to get me on the right road. She teaches you how to use your own resources to reach your goals at a pace you can sustain. 

I was worried I wouldn't get a great workout, but I can feel the burn!"



"I’ve been able to change my whole perception around food and making healthy balanced choices. Your add in habits are simple and easy to consider and implement. I’ve upped my overall daily steps, weekly workouts, amount of veggies I get daily, I feel more confident and was able to start doing things I love again in all different facets of my life. I’ve lost weight, I’m happier, I feel stronger, I feel less stressed and I have a better over all balance in my life again. Most importantly, I have started creating a positive relationship with food and am able to work through all the food guilt I was carrying around in my life."


"While I had been consistent with regular exercise, I was frustrated with my poor eating habits and looking for support. Marisa's approach is not prescriptive or restrictive. Implementing small changes and building on successes from week to week are some of the strategies that have made the biggest difference for me. Marisa's sensible guidance can give you tools to nourish yourself so you can do the things you want to do."



"Marisa designs work out regimes that are customized on what my needs are in the moment but also focused on my fitness goals. So, if I’ve come off a long run, she adapts my training to account for tired legs or any specific problem areas I’m experiencing. Her enthusiasm and energy makes it fun and exciting and helps challenge me. Her holistic approach integrates strength training, cardio, yoga and nutrition. There’s nothing more motivating than reaching my goals and Marisa has been an integral part of my journey."



"My recent goals were to learn to use my condo gym equipment safely and properly in order to make this a regular addition to my exercise program.

I now feel more fit, stronger, happier and equipped to take this on.

I highly recommend Marisa, she is able to work with you on the goals that are important to you and make it fun at the same time!"


"I’m so proud that all that my hard work might be helpful to other people!

It’s a great testament to you – truly an appropriate vignette to use to introduce people to your highly effective and compassionate approach to personal training."


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"A friend and I did a 5 session pack with Marisa and we both loved it!

The exercises were challenging but fun, varied, and tailored to our goals and abilities.

Marisa was friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible with training times.

Months later, I am still using a lot of the skills I learned from Marisa in my workouts."

Meet Mary

A healthy lifestyle sounds good in theory, but there’s just so much going on in your life that you can’t seem to stick to a routine and find the consistent motivation to workout and eat healthy.

Neither could Mary.

When we started working out it was a struggle to fit in an hour session once a week. Between a demanding career, family responsibilities with young children and a million and one other things to do, exercise wasn’t always at the top of the priority list.

Now Mary works out consistently once a week in a group training session (and has done so for the past 3 years!), bikes to work regularly, she feels stronger in her physically demanding job and her husband even started working out with her! Back pain has vanished and she has more energy to do the things she loves to do and spend time with her precious children.

More often than not Mary felt tired and had low-energy by the end of the day. Sometimes her back would ache and she would need to modify exercises to accommodate it. It would’ve been so easy to skip out on workouts and stay at home, but she didn’t. She showed up consistently and built healthy habits that will serve her and her family for many years to come.

There is a way to live healthier, gain energy and decrease stress. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! I work with all my clients to:

  • Find time in your jam-packed schedule for workouts that suit you and your personal preferences.
  • Implement proven tools and tips to develop habits that help you live healthier & more active, without feeling like you have to drastically change your current lifestyle.
  • Increase energy and decrease stress, bringing more enjoyment to every day life.
  • Listen to you and your concerns and customize my approach depending on your needs.