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Hi! I'm Marisa and I'm so glad you found your way to my little corner of the internet. 

I live in Vancouver, BC and have been a personal trainer for 11+ years, and have been involved in sports either from a competitive and/or coaching perspective for 30+ years!

I love to motivate, encourage and push people to do more than they think they can, try things outside their box, shift thinking about their bodies and how they approach fitness, and above everything I love to grow and learn alongside my clients.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from 15 to 88 years old! Some who have never been in a gym and others who have trained competitively. I am experienced in designing workout programs suitable for whatever level you are starting at.

Although I have been involved in sports most of my life, I didn’t always have a healthy lifestyle (younger metabolism is a wonderful thing isn’t it?!)

I found myself in my mid-20’s as the chubby girl who could barely run 400m around a track. Frustrated at the state of things in my life, I figured “it’s not going to get any easier to lose weight as I get older” and off I went. I gave myself a challenge to try running for 30 days, “If I don’t like it” I told myself, “then that’s fine, at least I tried it for a month”. Well low and behold I loooooved it, and my passion for fitness really started to grow.

My modest start of running 2 minutes and walking a minute has turned into numerous half marathons, a marathon and a triathlon, I lost a ton of weight, had some super cool experiences and met a whole whack of new friends! Who knew?! All I had to do was find something I loved!

I’ve done everything from zumba to pilates to bootcamp to personal training sessions. I have tried paleo and bulletproof coffee, sugar detoxes and cabbage soup, and played around with calorie restriction diets as well as calorie surplus to build muscle.

Where I have landed is that fitness is an integral part of my life, and from this point on it always will be. I enjoy being active, I love sweating (outdoors is the best) and I am addicted to my endorphins. I also love happy hour with friends, cake on birthdays is a necessity and cheese and bread are not negatives in my book. I believe a balance can be found, each person needs to find their own.

My personal philosophy with fitness is if it’s not fun you won’t stick to it. How many things have you wanted to do in your life, new routines or habits, but they just don’t stick? It could be one of the reasons you are on this site now – you haven’t found the fun or joy in being physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I want to help change that, more so I believe I can help change that!

EVERY BODY is unique, and therefore a unique tailored approach should be taken to every body. What works for one person, might not work for another. You are unique in every way and I love learning about what makes a person tick and working within that framework.

We will work together to define your goals and determine a path to get there. You promise to put in the work and I promise to bring equal amounts (likely more!) of motivation, accountability, structure, and tools you need to build strong healthy habits that will serve you well in the long run.

Here’s the technical stuff. I am a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer and have certifications as a specialized instructor in:

  • Weight Training
  • Older Adult Fitness 
  • Yoga Fitness.
  • Hardstyle Kettlebell
  • Level 1 certified Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Cancer & Exercise Training for Health & Wellness Professionals

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